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Universal T-Board (UTB) Development page


The Universal T-Board (UTB) is a substitute control board any electronic Marker. Some soldering skills are needed for install. But for those of you that don't have soldering skills, we will provide an install service. Prebuilt, marker specific wiring harnesses are in development and will be avail at a later date.

Compatible with:
Almost any Electric Marker**

We are posting this information for anyone that is interested in modifying out UTB for thier own uses. Even outside of Paintball. Please feel free to Email us if you have any questions.

Here is a copy of our Schematic
UTB Schematic

Here are some diagrams for wiring options. Open and closed bolt. for the open bolt, BOTH the clapper and EP vale wires are energized.
UTB wiring harness A - open bolt

UTB wiring harness B - open bolt

UTB wiring harness A - closed bolt

UTB wiring harness B -closed bolt

Here is the open and closed bolt programming in .ASM (Sorry we only have assembly files).
UTB open bolt programming

UTB closed bolt programming

*ROF is limited by the cycle speed of the marker.
**Currently not compatible with the Mini

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    Universal T-board is Patent Pending