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Sniper Rounds ...

...Price:10 for $1.50  


Sniper Rounds allow you to use regular .68 cal scenario paint to make amazingly long distance shots. They increase range and accuracy. They can be used in any .68 cal paintball marker via muzzle loading. Custom markers are being developed and will be avail shortly...
Compatible with:

All .68 Markers

Sniper Round Specs:

    • Used on any .68 cal paintball
    • Increases range and accuracy
    • Allows you to use the field or scenario game paint
    • Uses regular super glue to attach ball
    • Biodegradable and reusable over and over again

    • Super low price (lower than First Strike)

    Independent Video review of Sniper Rounds

Sold in lots of 10

NOTE: Similar to the old Sniper fins but these rounds will biodegrade when exposed to water and sunlight over a long period of time. But reusable by removing old ball shell and installing a new ball.

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