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Paintball Minigun2 Marker

...Price:$2,000 and up  
Plans to make one yourself are in the works. Should be avail in 2008.

Here's my new paintball minigun. I made some improvements to the original design.
I changed from a gattlin gun style of shooting through the rotating barrels and now is
shoots from through the center of the spinning barrels. This eliminates the need for a critical
timing circuit and makes construction faster and cheaper.

Here's a pic of the chain drive assembly and the removable upper potion of the housing. This will allow for
easier access to the internals

Here's the close-up of the chain and the barrels assembly attached

Preliminary assembly

These are the finally assembled minigun. All the electronics are install, I justhave to complete the pnuematics. Then I'll post the firing video





Fast firing:


CURRENTLY FOR SALE!!!! Email for sales.

In play: